An introduction to Hybrid cars

What is a Hybrid car?

A hybrid (HEV) is powered by an electric motor and a internal combustion engine (ICE), either working separately or together. Two energy sources mean lower exhaust emissions than conventional cars with the goal of improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Hybrid Cars Explained - How does a self-charging hybrid car work?

Hybrid cars generally have a traditional petrol engine underneath their bonnets, combined with a compact electric motor, similar to those you’ll find in an electric car. Both work independently, but they can also operate in tandem. So, you can reap the benefits of being powered by whichever is the most efficient for the speed and conditions you’re driving in. You fill hybrid cars up like normal petrol cars – just not as often.

What is full self-charging hybrid?

Our Honda e:HEV models are full hybrid, meaning, as you drive at low speeds, the car is driving in 100% electric mode (EV), this means the car is powered by the battery alone and emits zero emissions. When the battery runs low or you are driving at higher speeds, the engine will take over. The battery will recharge whilst driving and take back over when driving at lower speeds plus assist the engine at higher speeds to improve fuel efficiency. Of course all this happen whilst driving normally. The car maximises fuel efficiency without the need to plug in to recharge. Because they are self-charging, meaning the battery uses the car's petrol engine to charge as you drive, there’s no plugging in.

What is plug-in hybrid?

A plug-in hybrid is more complex than a self-charging hybrid. It has a bigger battery than a self-charging hybrid and can cover around 30 miles in full electric mode without the need for a charge or to switch to petrol/diesel mode. Since it has a bigger battery, it requires plugging in. The battery can be recharged using a home charge point or by taking advantage of the expanding public charging network. The new CR-V plug-in hybrid will provide up to 50 miles of full electric drive, once depleted it will drive just on petrol engine as normal. Find out more about plug-in hybrid >

What is mild self charging hybrid?

Self charging Mild Hybrid cars provide battery assistance, meaning a small electric motor supports the petrol engine when it needs it most, such as during acceleration or going up a hill. Our new Suzuki range includes mild hybrid system as standard, this system comes at a lower price than full hybrid.

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