New Suzuki Swift - Now on Motability!

​The Suzuki Swift has long been a favourite among car enthusiasts for its compact size, nimble handling, and stylish design. Now, the popular hatchback is even more accessible with the introduction of the latest generation Suzuki Swift hybrid on the Motability scheme, available for an advance payment of £0 across all models.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

The new Suzuki Swift he mild self-charigng hybrid system pairs a 1.2-liter Dualjet petrol engine with a small electric motor, resulting in improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. This combination ensures that drivers not only benefit from lower running costs but also contribute to a greener environment.

Advanced Features and Comfort

Despite its affordability on the Motability Scheme, the Suzuki Swift does not compromise on features. It boasts a range of advanced technologies and comforts designed to enhance the driving experience. Key features include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Provides a safer and more relaxed driving experience, especially on long journeys.
  • Dual Sensor Brake Support: Enhances safety by providing collision mitigation in emergencies.
  • Smartphone Linkage Display Audio: Ensures that drivers remain connected, with seamless integration for both Android and iPhone devices.
  • Automatic Climate Control: Offers optimal comfort by maintaining the desired cabin temperature regardless of outside conditions.

Accessibility and Convenience

The Motability Scheme is designed to offer worry-free mobility to individuals with disabilities, and the Suzuki Swift 1.2 mild hybrid fits perfectly within this framework. The £0 advance payment across all models means that customers can choose the variant that best suits their needs without financial strain. Additionally, the scheme includes insurance, servicing, maintenance, and breakdown assistance, providing a truly comprehensive package.

Stylish Design

The Suzuki Swift has always been known for its sporty and stylish design, and the latest model is no exception. With its sleek lines, bold front grille, and eye-catching LED headlights, the Swift stands out on the road. Its compact dimensions make it perfect for city driving, while its spacious interior ensures comfort for both the driver and passengers.

Available now from Crown Suzuki

Suzuki’s decision to offer the new Swift on the Motability Scheme for £0 is a significant step towards making eco-friendly and advanced driving accessible to a broader audience. This initiative not only provides an excellent mobility solution for individuals with disabilities but also aligns with global efforts to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation.

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