Find the right car for your business

Choosing the right car for your corporate fleet is a big decision. And that's why we'll be happy to guide you through everything from benefit-in-kind, to CO2 emissions, to the latest tax liability issues. And the quality of our customer service is matched every time by the quality of our cars.

About Honda Contract Hire

Tailored to your Business

For businesses that prefer to hire vehicles rather than own them outright, Honda Contract Hire offers tailored monthly rentals for easy budgeting. Agree your contract term and mileage to suit your business needs and at the end of the agreement simply hand the car back*.

Why choose Honda Contract Hire?

  • Low initial outlay and fixed rental amounts for easy budgeting and cash flow management
  • Optional maintenance packages
  • Flexibility to change your contract term and mileage should your circumstances change
  • No concerns over the residual value or disposal of your car at the end of contract*

    * Subject to meeting the return Terms and conditions of your agreement

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