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Explore the benefits of choosing Honda for your business, plus the latest Business Contract Hire Offers on the new Honda electric & hybrid range.
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Honda Business Contract Hire Offers

Explore the latest Honda Business Contract Hire Offers (BCH) below. Honda BCH offers the latest self-charging hybrid SUVs (HR-V, ZR-V, CR-V) and versatile favourites (Civic, Jazz).
Now introducing fully electric options with the e:Ny1 BEV SUV! Discover your perfect fit & contact us today.

Honda e:Ny1 for business

100% Electric

For eco-conscious businesses looking to make a stylish and practical statement, the Honda e:NY1 electric SUV could be a compelling option. Its sleek design and spacious interior turn heads and comfortably accommodate teams or clients, while its all-electric powertrain keeps running costs low and reduces your carbon footprint. The e:NY1 boasts a range of up to 256 miles, minimising reliance on gas stations and lowering fuel costs. This aligns with sustainability goals and projects a positive environmental image for your brand.

ModelBCH Rental (T&C's apply)
Honda e:Ny1 Elegance
Honda e:Ny1 Advance £315

Honda e: for business

100% Electric

The retro-futuristic design and vibrant colours of the Honda e would attract attention and enhance brand recognition, particularly for businesses focused on creativity or sustainability. Being 100% electric, the Honda e significantly reduces carbon emissions, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious businesses. Offering 137 miles of range, in cities with ample charging infrastructure and low parking costs, the Honda e's excellent fuel economy and manoeuvrability could make it a budget-friendly option for short commutes and deliveries.

ModelBCH Rental (T&C's apply)
Honda e Advance £431

Honda Jazz for business 

Full self-charging hybrid​

The Honda Jazz is a compact hatchback that punches above its weight, offering a potent mix of efficiency, practicality, and brand image that's ideal for a variety of business needs. Renowned for its build quality and dependability, the Jazz Hybrid won't let you down. It's the reliable partner you need, ready to tackle daily tasks and unexpected errands with ease.​ The Jazz Hybrid's clever Magic Seats fold and flex in countless ways, accommodating anything from bulky equipment to weekend getaways for your team.​ Whether you're a delivery service, a sales team, or a small business owner, it's a versatile and dependable asset that can help your business thrive.

ModelBCH Rental (T&C's apply)
Jazz Elegance e:HEV
​Jazz Advance e:HEV​£345
​Jazz Advance Sport e:HEV​£357
​Jazz Advance Crosstar​£346

Honda HR-V for business

​Full self-charging hybrid

For small businesses seeking a nimble, efficient, and cost-conscious fleet addition, the Honda HR-V Hybrid ticks all the boxes.​ Foldable Magic Seats transform the HR-V into a cargo-carrying champ, accommodating equipment, deliveries, or weekend getaways for your team.​ Stay connected and productive on the go with the HR-V's user-friendly infotainment system. Integrate your smartphone, access apps, and enjoy hands-free calling for hassle-free business on the move. The Honda HR-V Hybrid is more than just a car; it's a smart business decision. Its blend of efficiency, functionality, and cost-effectiveness makes it the perfect partner for businesses of all sizes, driving you towards success, mile after mile.

ModelBCH Rental (T&C's apply)
Honda HR-V Advance e:HEV
​Honda HR-V Advance Style e:HEV​£431

Honda ZR-V for business

Full self-charging hybrid

Businesses seeking a balance of practicality, efficiency, and style should definitely consider the Honda ZR-V. This mid SUV packs a punch beyond its size. The ZR-V's sleek design and premium materials project a confident and modern image for your business, making a positive impression on clients and partners.  It's powerful hybrid engine enjoys excellent fuel economy, lowering running costs and reducing your carbon footprint, a benefit for both your wallet and the environment.

ModelBCH Rental (T&C's apply)
​Honda ZR-V Elegance e:HEV​£394
Honda ZR-V Advance e:HEV
​Honda ZR-V Advance Style e:HEV​£460

Honda CR-V for business

Full self-charging + Plug-in hybrid

The 2024 Honda CR-V shines brighter than ever. This updated SUV elevates its game, becoming the ideal partner for your business needs. Backed by Honda's legendary reliability and dependability, the CR-V is a workhorse you can count on. Minimise downtime and keep your business in motion with minimal fuss. From advanced driver-assistance features that keep everyone safe to a user-friendly infotainment system that integrates seamlessly with your business tools, the CR-V keeps you connected and productive on the go. Available with a choice of Honda's latest e:HEV self-charging hybrid technology and for the first time, a plug-in hybrid e:PHEV, offering more electric mileage than ever.

ModelBCH Rental (T&C's apply)
Honda CR-V Elegance e:HEV £495
Honda CR-V Advance e:HEV
Honda CR-V Advance Tech e:PHEV £418

Honda Civic for business

Full self-charging hybrid

Businesses of all sizes need reliable, efficient, and image-conscious vehicles, and the Honda Civic consistently rises to the top. Offering the latest in hybrid technology, watch your operating costs shrink thanks to the Civic's exceptional fuel economy. Keep your team on the road without breaking the bank and impress clients with your commitment to sustainability. The Civic's sleek design and comfortable interior project a modern and professional image for your brand. Stay connected and productive on the go with the Civic's intuitive infotainment system. Integrate your smartphone, access apps, and enjoy hands-free calling for hassle-free business on the move. 

ModelBCH Rental (T&C's apply)
Honda Civic Elegance e:HEV £401
Honda Civic Sport e:HEV
Honda Civic Advance e:PHEV £464

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Please contact us for more information and to check availability. 

  • Rentals based on 6/35,10k mpa, non-maintained and no metallic paint.
  • Except for e:Ny1 and Honda e which are based on 6/35, 5k mpa, non–maintained and no metallic paint.
  • All rentals based on Business Contract Hire orders between 02.01.2024 and registered by 29.03.2024, vehicles delivered and funded by 30.06.2024.
  • Customers must be accepted by HCH and customer documentation raised by 31.03.2024.
  • Models subject to availability.

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    Honda for: Company Car Owners

    With Honda you can have a company car that's as practical for the family as it is stylish for work.

    From the compact & versatile Jazz, through to the spacious and practical CR-V, our range has a lot to offer. And with hybrid and electric options available, you can also be sure our cars will be economical to run as well as being kind to the environment.

    To get started, please contact us, or call 02082004040 (Hendon) or 02089503311 (Bushey Heath).

    Honda for: Fleet Managers

    With every car we design we challenge ourselves to make them as stylish and practical as they are economical and efficient. With a Honda, we focus on more than just looks. All our models are highly efficient, cost effective, low in tax and cheap to maintain. They all have advanced safety technology and innovation features. But we know looks still matter, so we've gone and perfected them too. And aside from the cars themselves, our dedicated team know our range better than anyone, and can be on hand to help you now and throughout your partnership with us.

    To get started, please contact us , or call 02082004040 (Hendon) or 02089503311 (Bushey Heath).​

    Honda for: Driving Instructors

    With a wealth of experience in supporting driving instructors, Crown Motors offers a comprehensive range of vehicles that cater to the specific needs of this profession. Our selection of fuel-efficient, cost-effective, and reliable Honda models stands out as an excellent choice for driving instructors, ensuring both comfort and safety for the instructor and the learner.

    We understand that choosing the right car for your driving school is very important to you with reliability, value for money, safety and comfort the key things to consider.

    Giving a new generation of motorists their first taste of driving is something we believe in with a passion, and we know what you require to take your Driving Instructor business to the next level.

    Look no further as Honda has everything a Driving School needs:

    • Highly regarded in the industry for giving you the reliability you need to keep your business on track
    • Throughout our ranges, competitive support and strong residual values means costs are minimalised
    • Every car has been designed to guarantee an impressive mix of style, performance and efficiency
    • All models are well equipped with the latest spec and advanced safety features, making either brand the perfect driving school cars.

    To get started, please contact us, or call 02082004040 (Hendon) or 02089503311 (Bushey Heath).

    Explore more benefits about Business Contract Hire from Crown Motors Group

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your car-buying experience exceeds your expectations. Whether you require assistance with selecting the ideal vehicle or require expert advice on after-sales care, our team of passionate automotive enthusiasts is always at your service.

    At Crown Motors, we’re not just here to sell cars; we’re here to establish long-lasting partnerships with our clients, building a foundation of trust and reliability that extends beyond the initial purchase. We’re confident that our personalised approach and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction will make Crown Motors your go-to destination for all your automotive needs.

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