5 signs your car's air conditioner needs a service

Do you find that you have warm air blowing out of your air conditioner in your car or maybe you are getting an unpleasant odour or a face full of dust?
All of these and more are common signs that your air conditioner is telling you something...
We have put together 5 common signs, and reasons why, your air conditioner probably could do with a little bit of TLC.
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Refrigerant Lose

1. It is estimated that your car loses up to 20% of its refrigerant every year even without using it. Lack of refrigerant can put unnecessary strain on the engine and leave your air con blowing out warm air. This loss can become even more apparent if your air con has a leak.

Bacteria build up

2. If you find that you’re getting an unpleasant smell from your air-con, the main reason for this is a bacterial build up within the system and will require a deep clean. Our service includes a bacterial clean with a disinfectant that will also freshen up your air-con.

De-misting takes ages...

3. Your cars air con is also needed in the winter! In winer your air con will help to dehumidify the air which will reduce condensation and help to de mist the windows in the car faster, and of course cool the air in the summer, so we recommend using your air con all year around.

Reduction in fuel efficiency 

4. Having your air con system running at its optimum keeps fuel costs down as your vehicle does not have to work as hard to cool your cabin down. Simple.

Dirty cabin filter

5. The cabin filter captures dust, pollen & other foreign particles A dirty cabin filter could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the air-con’s fan.

We suggest having your air con serviced annually and re-gassed every 2 years to keep everything running smoothly.

For more information & to book an air con service, visit our Book an air-con service page >