5 tips to use less fuel.

With petrol prices being at an all time high, fuel economy, miles per gallon (MPG) and your driving style has never been so important. By following a few simple measures you can help to make your car's petrol last that little bit longer, which will result in having to fuel up less often and thus save you money.

Fortunately Honda's are known to be some of the most fuel efficient car's available with the latest generation being electrified or full hybrid as standard. Especially with the latest generation Honda Jazz model which offers a seriously impressive fuel economy of 62.8mpg. A full hybrid car will reduce your fuel use as it uses a battery to store energy which is built up whilst driving and braking, this energy is then used to help with acceleration or driving at lower speeds. Alternately the fully electric Honda e is powered by.... electricity (obviously)... which cuts out the use of petrol all together.

Your driving style, car's condition and what goes in to your car makes a massive difference with what you can expect from your cars fuel economy. If you are wondering what you can do to help reduce the amount of times you have to visit the petrol station, then watch our video and have a read below for 5 very simple things that you can do to cut your petrol costs today

Here are 5 simple thins you can do to reduce your fuel use:

1: Check your tyre pressure. 

Over or under inflated tyres make your engine work harder. Check your tyres monthly.

2: Turn down your air-con.

This is easier said than done with todays temperature, air con takes a lot of energy to run, so try using it only when you need to.

3: Take it easy.

Steering, braking and accelerating harshly uses more fuel. Do all these as gently as possible whilst using momentum to keep your car moving.

4: Check your boot.

Less weight = less fuel, try not to keep unnecessary things in your boot and remove roof racks when not in use.

5: Look for an eco mode.

Most modern cars have a mode which tells your car to prioritises efficiency. Give that button a push and you should see some savings. For example Honda cars have a ECON mode button, this mainly affects the throttle, climate control, transmission, and cruise control to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Honda's new car range is now fully electrified!

Reduce your fuel usage thanks to the very latest in Honda full hybrid technology.

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