Car wash winners!

Keeping your car clean is an after thought for many, but is an important factor to being a car owner.

Due to lockdown, and local car wash garages being closed, our cars are left to gather layers, upon layers of dust and dirt.

Whilst some of us have found that we have more time than ever on our hands, others are quite the opposite.

An example of this is Honda CR-V owner Patricia, a frontline nurse, working in the intensive care. Patricia is 1 of 40 winners that sent in images of her car, in response to our Win our free car wash competition, which was for Honda's in most desperate need of our cleaners expertise.

Our Hendon sales manager Steve Tucker responded to Patricia's entry, inviting her down to our Hendon garage, to give her CR-V a little bit of TLC.

Patricia looks delighted!

Shared 25/06/20