Charging an electric car with 100% renewable electricity.

Honda has launched e:PROGRESS a new electric car-charging service for homes in the UK, using 100% renewable electricity.

What is e:Progress? 

e:PROGRESS is an exclusive new charging subscription for Honda e drivers. The goal of e:PROGRESS is to power your car intelligently from the green, low-cost energy. The average Honda e driver could save up to £400* per year on their car charging by signing up to the e:PROGRESS intelligent charging subscription. 

To get e:PROGRESS, you'll need to purchase a compatible charger from Local Heroes and switch your electricity tariff to Agile Octopus or Octopus Go. You will then be able to sign up to the e:PROGRESS subscription with your first year free. 

Rethinking how you charge

e:PROGRESS is an advanced charging service exclusively for Honda e drivers. Its intelligent charging subscription makes sure your car runs on low cost, clean and green electricity.

Easier charging using Artificial Intelligence

The e:PROGRESS platform uses Moixa’s ground-breaking artificial intelligence software called GridShare, which creates an optimal charging plan based on when you need your car and how much charge you’ll need. e:PROGRESS intelligent charging fits around your lifestyle, so your Honda e is charged to fit your schedule and needs, without any hassle.

Low-cost electricity that benefits the planet

Octopus Energy supply 100% renewable electricity and allow their customers to access half-hourly wholesale energy prices through their dynamic Agile Octopus tariff. e:PROGRESS intelligent charging will select these low-cost periods to charge your car using green energy from Octopus.

For more information on e:PROGRESS, contact Crown Honda or visit the e:PROGRESS website.

Charging electric car with 100% renewable energy with Honda e:PROGRES

Honda's zero hero.

Honda's urban electric car is bursting with personality and technology. It's iconic look, light weight and comfortable interior makes the Honda e completely different from anything you’ve ever experienced before, taking car design to another level. ​The Honda e blends emission-free driving with exhilarating performance, this sporty, electric car is responsive, nimble and extremely manoeuvrable, making driving around the city pure fun. 

If this is your first electric car, we are sure that you will have many questions regarding charging and range. The Honda e can charge up faster than a smartphone – or even a smartwatch. It takes just 31 minutes to take the all-electric city car from low battery to 80%, thanks to ever-evolving battery technology and rapid 50kW charging. But there’s a simple reason for why the driving range has become a focal point: it takes longer to recharge a battery than it does to fill a car with petrol or diesel.

Beneath the surface of the cool hatchback is a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery that gives the Honda e a driving range of up to 137 miles with 16-inch diameter wheels, or 131 miles when fitted 17-inch wheels. Allowing for an average commuting distance of 10 miles (according to the National Travel Survey, 2018), the range of the Honda e could comfortably cover a week of travelling to and from work between charges. As any electric car owner will tell you, living with an electric car brings many advantages. Chief among those is the flexibility to charge the battery at home, at work or even when out and about, shopping or meeting friends for dinner.

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Honda e + e:Progress Home Charger offer

for a limited time, Honda are including a e:Progress Home Charger worth up to £1,299 with every Honda e purchased with either PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) or HP (Hire Purchase). Terms & Conditions apply.

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