Honda Hydrogen Car Revolution

Heralding a new era, this week the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle has been handed over to a select few customers, who will trial the revolutionary car in everyday life – and the Directors of Crown are proud to have been selected to assess one of these game-changing cars

The Clarity FCV (which emits only water vapour) features Honda’s latest technological innovations and is the first fuel-cell sedan to house the entire power unit underneath the bonnet, making the cabin spacious enough to carry five people in comfort. With an effective range of 366 miles (589km) as measured by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the Clarity has a greater reach than any other zero emissions vehicle in the market.

The FCV forms part of the commitment made recently by company president Takahiro Hachigo that two thirds of global sales will feature an electrified powertrain by 2030, and marks the pinnacle of Honda’s work in the field so far.

The Clarity Fuel Cell, easily the most advanced zero emissions vehicle in Honda’s fleet, will take part in the Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles (HyFIVE) EU demonstration project to highlight the capabilities of fuel cell vehicles, and increase awareness and adoption of the technology. The first six cars will find their way to customers in London and Copenhagen as part of the project, partly funded by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCHJU).

“Honda has always been one of the leaders in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology, with over 30 years of research and development behind us,” says Thomas Brachmann, Chief Project Engineer, Honda Research and Development and leader of Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell programme in Europe. “The arrival of these vehicles in Europe and Honda’s participation in HyFIVE is the next step towards Honda’s vision of the full commercialisation of this technology.”

The HyFIVE project aims to promote awareness and adoption of fuel cell vehicle technology and infrastructure across Europe. Once deployment is completed, 185 Fuel Cell Vehicles from five automotive manufacturers will be with private and corporate customers across Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden and UK.

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