How to reset the tyre deflation warning light on Honda e:HEV Models

In this video we show you the step by step process on how to reset the tyre deflation warning light on 2023 Honda e:HEV Hybrid models, including the Honda Jazz, Honda HR-V, Honda Civic & Honda CR-V.

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is important for the safety, performance and economy of your Honda. Low tyre pressure will not only adversely affect fuel economy, it will also increase stopping distances and reduce steering response and vehicle stability. EU Directive 661/2009 requires all passenger vehicles registered after 1st November 2014 to be equipped with a tyre deflation warning system.

Please Note: If the deflation warning is activated, it is very important to stop the car and check your tyre pressures. Adjust each to the correct pressures shown on the information sticker on the driver’s door shut. Once the tyres are checked and the tyre pressures adjusted you should then reset the deflation warning system. Before proceeding, the car must be in park and handbrake on, otherwise the tyre deflation will be greyed out not allow you to reset the system.

If any of your tyres showed a significant loss of pressure, then it is possible that you have a puncture. This increases the likelihood of a blowout and must be checked at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime please keep your speed below 55mph.

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