Unveiling the Versatility of Honda Magic Seats.

In the world of automotive innovation, Honda has long been revered for its commitment to blending practicality with ingenuity. Among its many groundbreaking features, Honda Magic Seats stand out as a testament to the brand's dedication to enhancing versatility and functionality in its vehicles. Let's delve into what makes Honda Magic Seats so special, using latest HR-V and Jazz as prime examples of this innovative technology.

What are Honda Magic Seats?

Honda Magic Seats are a innovative seating system designed to maximise interior space and adaptability. They offer various configurations that allow for effortless transformation of the rear seating area, catering to diverse needs ranging from accommodating passengers to transporting bulky cargo.

What Honda models have Magic Seats?

Standard on the latest Honda Jazz and Honda HR-V e:HEV models, Honda Magic Seats offer three distinct modes to enhance versatility. In Utility Mode, the passenger seats remain upright, providing ample seating space. Flat Mode allows the passenger seats to lay completely flat without bumps or creases in the base, ensuring a smooth flat surface for transporting long objects. Tall Mode enables the passenger seats to fold up, maximising interior height space, making it ideal for accommodating tall items.

Jazz VS HR-V Comparison

You can see the Honda Magic Seats in action in our 'Jazz vs HR-V' video. In the informative video, our Hendon sales executive Jason delves into and compares the key features and specifications of the two Honda hybrid models.

Honda HR-V Magic Seats

​The HR-V, Honda's compact SUV, exemplifies the versatility of Magic Seats. With its spacious interior and flexible seating arrangements, the HR-V seamlessly transitions from everyday commuting to weekend adventures with ease. The 60/40 split rear seats can be folded down flat or lifted up to create different configurations, offering ample cargo space for larger items or accommodating taller items with ease. Whether it's hauling sports equipment, luggage, or DIY supplies, the HR-V's Magic Seats adapt to suit the task at hand, making it the ultimate companion for active lifestyles.

Seat Orientation ​HR-V Capacity (VDA Method)
​Utility Mode: Boot Capacity - Rear Seat Up ​319 litres
Tall Mode: Boot Capacity - Rear Seat Down Load to Roof​1289 litres
Flat Mode: ​Boot Capacity - Rear Seat Down Load to Window​971 litres

Explore HR-V

Honda HR-V Magic Seats up - Tall Mode
Honda HR-V Magic Seats up - Tall Mode
Honda HR-V Magic Seats Down - Flat Mode
Honda HR-V Magic Seats Down - Flat Mode

Honda Jazz magic Seats

In the city-friendly Jazz, Magic Seats elevate practicality to new heights. Despite its compact size, the Jazz boasts a surprisingly roomy interior, thanks in part to its innovative seating system. The Magic Seats in the Jazz offer multiple modes, including Utility Mode, Tall Mode, and Long Mode, each catering to specific needs. Whether it's transporting tall plants, bulky furniture, or lengthy cargo, the Jazz effortlessly accommodates a variety of items, making it ideal for urban dwellers seeking versatility without sacrificing space.

Seat Orientation Jazz Capacity (VDA Method)
Utility Mode: Boot Capacity - Rear Seat Up 304 litres
Tall Mode: Boot Capacity - Rear Seat Down Load to Roof 1205 litres
Flat Mode: Boot Capacity - Rear Seat Down Load to Window 844 litres

Explore Jazz

Honda Jazz Magic Seats up - Tall Mode
Honda Jazz Magic Seats up - Tall Mode
Honda Jazz Magic Seats Down - Flat Mode
Honda Jazz Magic Seats Down - Flat Mode

Honda Magic Seats epitomise the brand's commitment to enhancing the driving experience through innovative design and practical solutions. In the UK the 2024 spec HR-V and Jazz, these revolutionary seating systems provide unmatched flexibility, allowing drivers to adapt their vehicles to suit their ever-changing needs. Whether it's maximising cargo space or accommodating passengers in comfort, Honda Magic Seats deliver a level of versatility that sets Honda vehicles apart from the competition.

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