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View & download the latest brochures for the new Suzuki range below. For more information about each model and to book a test drive please visit our new car page.

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Suzuki Swift Hybrid

The Suzuki Swift is effortlessly stylish, featuring bold colours and stand-out design. But it doesn’t just look good. It’s incredibly fun to drive thanks to its lightweight frame and perfectly balanced handling, which ensure that you’re in for a responsive, nimble and enjoyable driving experience.

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Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid

The Swift Sport brings a highly responsive, exhilarating and fun driving experience that’s designed around you. It’s styled with comfort and tech for power and performance and is so versatile, there’s something for everyone.

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Suzuki Swift Hybrid brochure
Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid brochure

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid

If you’re adventurous at heart, here’s a car that shares your spirit. With stand out SUV styling, including a striking front grille, rugged bumper and skid plates, the Ignis is not afraid to stand out. While you get all the benefits of being compact on the outside, it’s also super spacious inside with room for anything from weekday shopping to weekend getaways.

And with Mild Hybrid technology, a responsive engine and strong, lightweight body, it means going from A to B has never been more exciting. The Ignis is available with ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive* ensuring you can get away from it all, while a bunch of clever tech means you stay connected. Best of all, the Ignis allows you to play the designer with a range of customisation options that make your car truly yours.

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Suzuki Vitara Hybrid

The Vitara has all the strong SUV styling you want and the practicalities you need for a comfortable and relaxing drive.

Inside, there’s plenty of room for shopping bags, suitcases, and all of life’s don’t-leave-home-without-its. But on the outside, it’s more compact than your average SUV and with a lighter body, it’s easy to drive around town. All this makes it a powerful contender if you want a car for a weekend getaway or even for the school run. And you’ll be turning heads with one of our stunning personalisation accessory packs.

Vitara has Hybrid technologies across the range, making every journey more efficient† - and more enjoyable. It works hard, and plays harder. Combined with our ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive technology*, you’ve got yourself a car that’s ready for any drive. And as you open the panoramic sunroof*, your passengers will be catching epic views as you cruise.

If balancing work and play is your superpower, this is the car for you.

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Suzuki S-CROSS Hybrid

S-Cross is ready for any challenge the road throws at you. Bold and confident SUV-styling, intelligent safety equipment and advanced technology features come as standard. Plus, the spacious interior offers enough room for the whole family. And with ALLGRIP Select 4-wheel drive technology*, you can take control of the road, wherever it takes you next.

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Suzuki SWACE Hybrid

Never choose between style and function again. With the Swace, there's no compromise. It has both by the bucketload. Sharp LED headlamps, an impressive honeycomb patterned grille and flared wheel arches create a powerful and wide stance that complements the Swace's premium estate body.

Practically speaking, the beautifully-designed flowing body lines and sculptured tailgate, which is constructed using lightweight material, not only adds to the dynamic exterior design, but also enhances fuel efficiency. Integrated roof rails neatly top off the distinctive shape of the Swace, and are perfect for simply mounting the optional multi roof rack*, helping you to carry all your gear for that weekend escape.

It’s time to have it all with the stylish Swace, the car that’s ready to handle your lifestyle. 

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Suzuki SWACE Hybrid brochure download

Suzuki ACROSS Hybrid

Leave limitations behind in the ACROSS. Sophisticated Plug-in Hybrid technology meets genuine 4x4 SUV freedom to give you ultimate efficiency, confidence and driving pleasure. Nothing can stop you now.

Enjoy uncompromising performance, exhilarating response and smooth acceleration thanks to an advanced, eco-conscious Plug-in Hybrid system that combines a large-capacity battery and a powerful 2.5-litre petrol engine.

A powerful electric motor delivers smooth, quiet and torquey performance for comfortable everyday driving. When more acceleration is needed during high-speed driving, a petrol engine provides spirited assistance while also lending peace of mind on long journeys. You can conveniently charge the high-capacity battery at home or a charging station.

Suzuki ACROSS Hybrid

Suzuki ACROSS Hybrid brochure download

Suzuki Jimny

With over 50 years' of experience, engineering and refining behind it, the Jimny is more capable than ever before. We’ve stuck to our classic Jimny concept, so the iconic 4x4 remains compact, lightweight, and capable of tackling the toughest terrains, as well as stepping up as a light commercial vehicle.

This standout mini SUV comes equipped with ALLGRIP Pro 4-wheel drive technology, a powerful 1.5 litre engine and a chassis which has been specially designed for superb off-road capability. The large, flat luggage area is just the answer for when you need to pack it

all in for your next adventure. Plus, several expertly-engineered practical touches, including high ground clearance, ample interior space and a wide tailgate opening, mean it’s more than a match for your busy week on the road. Safety features like eCall and Dual Sensor Brake Support allow you to drive with peace of mind and always feel confident when you're behind the wheel.

So, if you want to go places most other 4x4s fear to tread, or drive a vehicle that’s got your back in the working week, get behind the wheel of the Jimny.

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