2024 Suzuki Swace Hybrid Spacious Full Hybrid Starting From £29,599.00

Get to know the Suzuki Swace.​

Looking for something practical? Without compromising on comfort or style? Then look no further. The Swace is the perfect combo of sporty styling and elegant simplicity, with all the comfort and quality you can handle.

The Swace represents the cross section between functional and sporty. It's where practicality meets style. A fully loaded self-charging hybrid with an elegant and simple interior design that focuses on spaciousness, comfort and high quality finishes.

new Suzuki Swace Hybrid Exterior | Crown Suzuki London


​The exterior design of the Swace fuses stable and functional wagon styling with sporty aesthetics. Its planted stance, condensed upper body proportions and flared bumpers convey on-road stability, while the dynamic rearward flowing lines in the windows and shoulders give an impression of athleticism.

The unique front-face design centres around its bi-beam LED headlamps and large honeycomb-patterned hexagonal grille. The headlamps and upper grille are placed in a single continuous curve for a sporty and wide appearance, while the bumper, lower grille and fog lamp bezel are positioned close to the ground, bringing further emphasis to the car’s planted posture.

Further exterior features include integrated roof rails for simple roof carrier mounting, a sculpted rear door that is constructed of lightweight resin to enhance fuel efficiency, and sporty and sophisticated 16-inch alloy wheels.

new Suzuki Swace Hybrid interior | Crown Suzuki London


Crafted with comfort and practicality in mind, the interior offers a feeling of open and comfortable spaciousness, and generous luggage capacity to suit a variety of lifestyles and recreational needs.

Contributing to the sense of openness inside the cabin is a wide instrument panel designed with continuous lines that dynamically flow to the door trim. A combination of soft padding and chrome or silver accents throughout the cabin highlights the overall quality and elegance of the interior.

The cabin offers versatility and comfort to support the active lifestyles of both its driver and passengers. With a generous tandem distance of 928 mm between the front and rear seats, the rear cabin comfort and legroom is one of the best in its class

new Suzuki Swace Hybrid EV Drive modes | Crown Suzuki London


Full Hybrid as standard

The Swace’s hybrid system combines a powerful electric motor with a 1.8 litre petrol engine exclusively designed for hybrid system use, delivering a seamless driving feeling with powerful acceleration as well as excellent fuel economy and low emissions. The hybrid system optimally drives the Swace with the motor, engine or both depending on driving conditions.

Leveraging its high output motor and large battery capacity, the Swace is equipped with an EV drive mode function. In EV drive mode, the vehicle is driven solely by its motor with power supplied from the battery. This mode can be used for driving short distances without having to worry about noise or emissions, especially in residential areas early in the morning and late at night, or in garages and indoor parking lots. The Suzuki Swace Hybrid is ULEZ ready.

Driving comfort

The Swace offers smooth driving comfort and stable, responsive handling with a low centre of gravity design and finely tuned suspension. The low hood and placement of the hybrid battery beneath the rear seats help give the car its low center of gravity, reducing body roll around corners, improving stability and contributing to a smooth and easy ride. The front and rear suspension are designed for excellent handling stability and ride comfort. For further drivability, the drive mode select function allows the driver to choose from three driving modes according to their preference or driving needs.

New Suzuki Swace Hybrid safety features | Crown Suzuki London


​The world doesn't stop when you get in your car. That's why the Swace is packed full of advanced tech features to help you stay connected and get the most out of your drive. The Swace is designed with the driver in mind, so everything is in your control. The central multimedia touch screen display makes it easy to search through menus, personalise your setting and preferences, and link your phone to your car in a few taps. Use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to stay connected with carefully chosen apps on the go, including certain digital navigation apps. Thanks to the Qi wireless charging pad* , you can keep your phone charged throughout the journey, so you'll never be caught short again.


Use tech like our Driving Assist feature to intelligently monitor your surroundings and reduce the likelihood of collisions, simplify parking* , and help you stay in your lane when driving. It even makes stop and go traffic easier to handle. You're in very safe hands in the Swace. Explore all the great features that keep you safe and sound.

  • Pre-Collision System
  • Lane Tracing Assist
  • Road Sign Assist
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  • Blind Spot Monitor*
  • Rear Crossing Traffic Alert*
  • Simple-Intelligent Parking Assist*
  • eCall


S-IPA assists the driver when reversing into a parking space, parallel parking, or departing from a parallel parking space. It simplifies these manoeuvres by providing audio and visual guidance while automatically operating the steering wheel to support the driver. The system uses ultrasonic wave sensors and allows accurate parking even in narrow spaces.


Reversing into a parking space becomes much easier and less stressful with the active assistance of this convenient feature. Once you’ve chosen your parking space and moved into position, simply turn on S-IPA, remove your foot from the brake pedal and follow the voiced instructions to stop and shift gears as the function automatically parks the vehicle.


When LTA determines that unintended lane departure is likely to occur, it partially assists steering operation to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane and prevent departure from the lane or road. It includes lane departure alert, steering assist, vehicle sway warning and lane centring features.


RSA monitors the road for traffic signs and displays them on the multi-information display when they are detected. The system is compatible with speed limit, no passing zone, residential area, end of zone and other European road signs.


BSM detects vehicles located in or approaching the rear blind spots on either side of the vehicle and makes lane changing safer. When a vehicle is approaching or detected in a rear blind spot, a warning icon is illuminated in the relevant outer mirror.


RCTA helps the driver avoid collisions when reversing out of parking spaces. When the sensors detect vehicles approaching blind spots in the rear, a buzzer and blinking mirror icons warn the driver


Suzuki Swace SZ-T

Available as a Full Hybrid as standard.​ If the SZ-T is the one for you, then you get all of this as standard: 

  • 16" polished alloy wheels
  • LED headlights
  • Silver roof rails
  • 8" multimedia touchscreen display
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Pre-collision system
  • Lane tracing assist
  • Roadsign assist

Suzuki Swace SZ5

Available as a Full Hybrid as standard. If you’re after even more tech and spec, how about the SZ5:

  • Front and rear parking distance sensors
  • Simple-Intelligent Parking Assist (S-IPA)
  • Front and rear door lights
  • Centre console tray with wireless charger
  • BI-LED projector headlamps (low & high beam)
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Rear cross traffic alert


Discover more about the new Suzuki Swace, its features, colours and mode. View & download the Official Suzuki Swace brochure via the link below.



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